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The Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission negotiates and enforces cable service franchise agreements; manages the public benefit resources and assets derived from the franchises; and advocates on behalf of the public interest on communications policy issues at local, state and federal levels.

The MHCRC serves the communities, residents and local governments of Fairview, Gresham, Portland, Troutdale and Wood Village and Multnomah County, Oregon (its member "Jurisdictions").

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community iconMHCRC Releases Notice of Available Grant Funds

October 2014: The 2015 Community Technology Grant cycle is now open! Approximately $800,000 is available. Pre-Applications are due by December 9, 2014. Learn more

September 2014: The launch of the MHCRC TechSmart Initiative coincided with the grand opening celebration of the new Richard C. Alexander Early Learning Center at Earl Boyles. The MHCRC provided a nearly $1 million grant to David Douglas School District to fund critical teacher supports towards creating a technology-rich early learning program at Earl Boyles Elementary School and the new Early Learning Center. The MHCRC was recognized as a significant project partner at the grand opening celebration and was honored with a conference room and two observation rooms named after the MHCRC and the TechSmart initiative.
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Pictured: Scott Harden, MHCRC Wood Village respresentative and Wood Village City Council member, Carol Studenmund, MHCRC Chair and Multnomah County representative, Rich Goheen, MHCRC Grant Committee Chair and Fairview representative. September 18, 2014 Cebration Event - Community Leaders Celebrate Richard C. Alexander Early Learning Center at Earl Boyles

3 logos bannerSeptember 2014: The MHCRC recently redesigned its community grants program following a thoughtful, two-year planning process. The MHCRC received an increase in grant funding through a renewed agreement with Comcast. The increased funding coupled with a desire to strategically invest in a social issue critical to the health of the Cities and County it serves inspired the MHCRC to re-think its grants program. The MHCRC has focused its redesigned Community Grants Program on an annual funding round for Community Technology Grants and also on the TechSmart Initiative, which supports public school districts in Multnomah County to improve academic outcomes for all students.


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