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Community Access Capital Grant Program

Welcome to the 2014 Competitive Grant Cycle

About the Community Access Capital Grant
For the past 15 years, the Community Access Capital Grant has provided funding throughout Multnomah County to nonprofits, educators, libraries and local governments to support use of community technology resources for a public benefit.

The MHCRC selection criteria for 2014 grant funding has not changed. However, the eligibility requirements for applicants have been altered. It’s important to review and understand the updated application information before submitting a Pre-Application by the December 10, 2013 deadline.

2014 Grant Cycle

Applicants submit Pre-Applications by the Pre-Application deadline. The MHCRC will decide, based on the Pre-Applications, which applicants to invite to apply for 2014 grant funding. Staff will work with each invited applicant to clarify all elements of the proposed project and to finalize a grant application and contract.

Fund Availability
About $800,000 is available for the 2014 grant cycle.

General Timeline
Pre-Application Due: December 10, 2013
MHCRC Selection of Invited Applicants: Late January 2014
Grant Applications/Contracts Finalized: March-June 2014

Grant Assistance/Questions
MHCRC staff is available to consult on Pre-Applications or project ideas. Staff highly recommends any consultation request be received at least one week prior to the Pre-Application deadline. MHCRC staff may not be able to respond adequately to requests received within one week of the deadline. Please contact Julie S. Omelchuck, Grant Program Director, at 503-823-4188 or julieo@mhcrc.org - OR- Rebecca Gibbons, Grant Program Coordinator, at 503-823-5515 or rgibbons@mhcrc.org

Grant Informational Meeting
Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013, 10:00 a.m., Columbia Building
111 SW Columbia St., 8th Floor, Conference Room B, Portland, OR.

Proposed projects must fulfill all the following minimum requirements to be considered in the Pre-Application process:

  • Applicant must be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, college, university, public library or governmental unit located within Multnomah County, OR.*
  • Serve residents within Multnomah County, OR.
  • Use the community access channels to distribute video programming on the cable system or use the Institutional Network in order to support project goals and objectives.
  • Address at least one of the four public benefit areas identified for the grant program.
  • Have only capital costs included for funding from grant funds.
  • Commit to provide matching resources for at least 50 percent of the total project budget from resources other than this grant program.

* This is a change from past grant cycles. The MHCRC will not accept Pre-Applications from Kx12 public school districts or individual schools. The public school districts within the MHCRC’s service area will be receiving community capital grants through a separate MHCRC funding initiative focused on student achievement and education outcomes.

How to Apply

Pre-Application Form
Complete the Pre-Application form (available here). Applications submitted in a different format will not be considered.

The Pre-Application provides the MHCRC a general understanding of the applicant’s proposed project, and the degree to which the project fits the grant fund purpose and requirements. Detailed instructions for completing the Pre-Application can be found here.

Mail, email, or fax a completed Pre-Application with the required signature to Rebecca Gibbons. Mailed Pre-Applications must be postmarked by December 10, 2013; emailed or faxed Pre-Applications must be received by midnight on December 10, 2013. Supplemental information will not be accepted.
Rebecca Gibbons
Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission
c/o Office for Community Technology
P.O. Box 745
Portland, OR 97207-0745
fax: 503-823-5370

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