Who We Are

The MHCRC is an intergovernmental Commission consisting of eight dedicated community members who are appointed by the six MHCRC Member Jurisdictions and supported by a professional staff.
The MHCRC was formed through an agreement by the 6 MHCRC Member Jurisdictions (Multnomah County and the cities of Fairview, Gresham, Portland, Troutdale, and Wood Village) to:
  •  Administer cable franchise agreements across jurisdictional boundaries which do not necessarily coincide with the service areas of the cable providers,
  • Provide enhanced public benefits in franchising and regulation, and economies of scale in operations,
  • Advise Member Jurisdictions on subjects relating to cable communications, and
  • Function as the Jurisdictions’ representative for regional, state, and national cable communications policy matters.

What We Do

  • Provide consumer protection for cable subscribers, including complaint resolution
  • Enforce cable company compliance with franchise agreements
  • Conduct franchise negotiations, renewals, and transfers of ownership
  • Participate in communications policy and legislative advocacy efforts to protect local control of the public right-of-way
  • Oversee community media organizations serving Portland and East Multnomah County
  • Promote digital equity and inclusion
  • Administer Community Technology Grants Program, a competitive grant program which allocates about $1.5 million annually to libraries, schools, local governments, and non-profit community organizations

The Commission is comprised of eight volunteer community members appointed by the 5 city councils and the county commission (Jurisdictions). An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) among the Jurisdictions grants the Commission the authority to regulate cable services franchise agreements with Comcast (serving county-wide) and Ziply (serving east county). Collectively the cable companies serve about 140,000 cable subscribers. As a result of the cable services franchise agreements, the Commission oversees an annual fund budget of about $8 million.

Primary Responsibilities of Commissioners:

  • Provide direction to MHCRC staff on financial and policy objectives (MHCRC contracts with the City of Portland Office for Community Technology for staff services)
  • Oversee financial matters of the Commission, including developing and presenting an annual budget for recommendation to the member jurisdictions
  • Attend Commission meetings (about 8 per year) and participate on at least one committee (about 4 per year)
  • Attend annual, one-day Commission planning retreat (usually a Saturday in the Spring)
  • Provide regular reports and serve as liaison to elected officials of appointing jurisdiction
  • Keep informed and educated about issues related to Commission activities.”