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Meet the Commission

This multi-jurisdictional commission consists of eight appointees: three from Portland, and one each from Multnomah County, Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview and Wood Village.

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Rules of Procedure (.pdf)

MHCRC Members

Multnomah County Representative:

Carol Studenmund – MHCRC CHAIR

Carol Studenmund grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the D.C suburbs. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago.  Upon graduation she moved to Portland, and has been here ever since. Carol and her husband enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest with their kayaks and their hiking boots. She has a daughter who lives here in Portland, a step-daughter in Bar Harbor, Maine, and a son in the Bay area. A perfect day would consist of a great cup of coffee, time to read, a hike, and a Blazers game in the evening.

Carol Studenmund participates in the MHCRC’s Policy & Legislation Committee.

(w) 503-299-6200


Term expires: 6/30/2021


Wood Village Representative:


Mayor T. Scott Harden has been Wood Village’s Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commissioner since 2012. He has been a city councilor since 2011 and the mayor since 2018. He is the current Commission Vice Chair, Chair of the Municipal Needs Assessment Committee and a member of the Grants Committee. Harden has a BS in Business Administration and a MS in Management and Organizational Leadership from Warner Pacific College. When he is not in a meeting Harden enjoys cooking for his wife Charlotte and helping his dog Sprout scare kitties, squirrels and UPS truck drivers out of Sprout’s yard.

Scott Harden participates in the Finance, Equity & Inclusion and the Policy & Legislation Committee

(h) 503-919-1776


Term expires: 6/30/2022


Fairview Representative:

An Oregon native, Jeff Dennerline has spent most of his life entertaining, informing and educating people. The owner of a broadcast consulting company, he has a background in music, theater, film, radio and television. From humble ‘geek’ beginnings in high school band and theater, his journey has included working on mega-sized sporting and entertainment events like the Super Bowl and The Oscars. Most recently he sailed on a research vessel looking for Amelia Earhart’s downed airplane in the South Pacific. A pilot, woodworker, amateur chef and coffee snob, he’s never at a loss for a good after-dinner story.

Jeff Dennerline participates in the Finance and Equity & Inclusion Committee. He is also the MetroEast Board Appointee.

(w) 503-823-5385


Term expires: 6/30/2023


Gresham Representative:

Jacquenette McIntire

Jacquenette McIntire participates in the Finance and Equity & Inclusion Committee.

(w) 503-823-5385


Term expires: 6/30/2021


Portland Representatives:

(1) Kory Murphy

Kory Murphy participates in the Equity & Inclusion and Policy & Legislation Committee. He is also the Open Signal Board Appointee.

(w) 503-988-9496


Term expires: 6/30/2022


(2) Richard Roche

Richard Roche participates in the Equity & Inclusion and Policy & Legislation Committee

(t) 213-422-0622


Term expires: 6/30/2021


(3) Vacant


Troutdale Representative:

Norm Thomas

Norm Thomas participates in the Finance, and the Policy & Legislation Committee.

(h) 503-667-4320


Term expires: 6/30/2023


Primary Responsibilities of MHCRC Members

The full MHCRC generally meets six times a year, usually the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. (January/February on the fourth Monday due to the holiday on the third Monday). The MHCRC does not usually meet in July or August. MHCRC meetings are open to the public. The MHCRC designates committees to address issues as appropriate. Committees choose their meeting times and dates (Committee Structure). Members are expected to take the necessary time to study pre-meeting materials and to participate in briefings for the elected officials in their jurisdiction. Members commit to:

  • Overseeing financial matters of the MHCRC, including the development of an annual budget for recommendation to the member jurisdictions;
  • Attending monthly MHCRC meetings and participate on at least two committees;
  • Providing regular reports and liaison to elected officials of appointing jurisdiction;
  • Keeping informed and educated about issues related to MHCRC activities.