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CenturyLink Cable Television Services

May 2015 – CenturyLink announces the availability of PRISM TV service in the Portland area. In the news.

May 2015 – The City of Portland approves the renewal franchise agreement with CenturyLink. Franchise Agreement and PEG Side Letter Agreement

March 2015 – the MHCRC unanimously approved a Resolution recommending the City of Portland approve a renewed franchise agreement with CenturyLink.

February 2015 – In response to the MHCRC’s call for public comment on the draft cable franchise with CenturyLink, the following written comment was received:

Comcast comments on proposed franchise

January 2015Public Hearing

The MHCRC held a public hearing on Monday, January 26, 2015 to collect input and comment from the community about proposed public benefits and other requirements of a franchise agreement with CenturyLink for cable television services in the City of Portland. CenturyLink plans to extend its services beyond phone and Internet services to include cable television. Once offered, the service will provide Portlanders with a competitive option to Comcast cable service.

November 2013 – The City of Portland considers the MHCRC’s recommendation to extend the Qwest Broadband Service, Inc. Cable Franchise.

City of Portland Ordinance
Exhibit A – MHCRC Draft Franchise

The parties have expended significant time and resources in negotiating the renewal of the cable franchise, in accordance with the informal franchise renewal process. In an effort to continue the progress the parties have made to date during the negotiation process, when renewal negotiations continue, the parties will begin with the last draft of the franchise agreement exchanged between the parties, attached to the ordinance as Exhibit A.

October 2013 – Commission approves Resolution 2013-06 recommending a two-year extension of the Qwest Broadband Services, Inc Cable Franchise.

Resolution 2013-6

September 2013 – CenturyLink representatives requested an extension of the term of the cable franchise to allow the company additional time to evaluate business opportunities in offering cable services.

February 2013 – CenturyLink requested that, based upon internal business decisions, the franchise negotiations be suspended until September, 2013.

Summer 2012 – MHCRC staff began informal negotiations with CenturyLink.

March 21, 2011 the MHCRC passed Ord. 2011-01 directed MHCRC staff to engaged Qwest/CenturyLink in informal franchise renewal process, pursuant to Section 626(h) of the Cable Act.

Franchise Agreement (.pdf)
Transfer of Control Ordinance (.pdf)
Centurylink Acceptance (.pdf)

January 24, 2011 prior to the effective date of the transfer in control, Qwest formally requested that the City of Portland, acting through the MHCRC, commence renewal proceedings in accordance with the requirements of Section 626(a) of the Cable Act.

November 3, 2010 the Portland City Council approved Ord. No. 184206 authorizing the change in control of cable franchise held by Qwest to CenturyLink.

September 20, 2010 the MHCRC held a Public Hearing on the change of control of Qwest’s local cable franchise agreement to CenturyLink.

July 27, 2010 MHCRC staff received formal notification of the proposed transfer of control of Qwest Broadband Services, Inc. to CenturyLink, Inc. In order for Qwest Broadband Services, Inc. to transfer control of its cable franchise to CenturyLink, Inc., it must receive approval from the Portland City Council. The Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission has scheduled this hearing as part of the process of making its recommendations to the Portland City Council about the proposed change of control.

December 18, 2007 Qwest announced its decision not to carry forward and offer cable services in Portland, based on opinions expressed by Qwest’s new CEO Ed Mueller.

November 14, 2007 the Portland City Council approved Ord. No. 181414 granting a franchise (“Qwest cable franchise”) to Qwest Broadband Services, Inc. The Qwest cable franchise was duly accepted by Qwest and became effective on and after January 13, 2008 for a term of six years. Shortly following approval and acceptance of the franchise, Qwest elected not to carry forward and offer cable services in Portland. A failure by Qwest to build would result in expiration of the franchise in 72 months.


At its September 17, 2007 meeting, the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission (MHCRC) voted to recommend that the Portland City Council approve a franchise agreement with Qwest for cable television services in Portland. The Portland City Council passed Ordinance No. 181414 on November 14, 2007 granting a franchise to Qwest to operate a cable system in the City of Portland.

Staff Report and Recommendation to the MHCRC – September 17, 2007

Staff Report & Recommendation to the MHCRC Re: Qwest Competitive Cable Franchise: Recommendation to Portland City Council.