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CommitteeCommission MembersObjective/Project
Finance Committee

Staff Lead: Michael Wong

Norm Thomas (Chair), Jeff Dennerline, Jacquenette McIntire, Scott Harden


Develop annual Commission budget; approve annual MHCRC Financial Statements; address MHCRC Fund Audit issues; review budget reports; consult on budget issues; make recommendations as necessary.
Equity & Inclusion Committee (Grants Committee)

Staff Lead:

Rana DeBey

Richard Roche (Chair),

Jeff Dennerline,

Jacquennette McIntire,

Kory Murphy,

Scott Harden

Evaluate current equity practices, propose improvements, and ensure equity measures throughout MHCRC administration especially through the administration of the grant program. Research best practices; talk with professional experts, and deliberate path for MHCRC.
Policy & Legislation Committee


Staff Lead:

Bea Coulter

Scott Harden (Chair),

Carol Studenmund,

Norm Thomas,

Kory Murphy


Review current local and federal legislation concerning cable and telecommunications system. Write annual legislative priorities, propose legislative actions like letter writing or testimony, and oversee franchise to ensure MHCRC continues to protect jurisdictions authority over the right-of-way and comply with FCC regulation; make additional recommendations as necessary.

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Approved Minutes & Notes

October 7, 2020 MHCRC Policy Committee meeting notes

September 10, 2020 MHCRC Equity Committee meeting notes