Grant Administration

How Are Grants Administered?

The Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission administers the Community Technology Grants Program. The grant provides support for community organizations, libraries, educational institutions and local government agencies in producing video content to be shared on the community media center channels in order to meet project-related goals and objectives. Current program requirements are limited to investments in producing video content only. Capital support includes funds for services, products, equipment or other resources, whose useful life can be expected to exceed one year.

The number of grant projects funded each year may vary based on the availability of funds, number of grant applications received, and other factors.

The MHCRC has the following roles and responsibilities for the grant program:

  • Determines annual grant awards;
  • Reviews compliance reports;
  • Directs fiscal administration of grant funds; and
  • Determines grantmaking policies and procedures.

MHCRC staff fulfills the following responsibilities in administering the grant program:

  • Conducts outreach to potential grant seekers;
  • Advises actual and potential grant seekers;
  • Facilitates application process;
  • Selects and facilitates the evaluation review panel;
  • Provides the Commission with technical and financial reviews of grant applications;
  • Negotiates grant contracts;
  • Monitors grantees for program and fiscal compliance;
  • Oversees fiscal administration of grant funds;
  • Develops grantmaking policies and procedures, and recommends changes when needed;
  • Coordinates the granting of funds with the availability of other franchise and public resources to ensure the funds are used effectively; and,
  • Identifies opportunities for partnerships and shared resources in order to effectively leverage funds.

The MHCRC abides by the following Grantmaking Guilding Principles:

We, as members of GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington, commit to excellence, effectiveness and inclusive practices in our giving, employment, leadership and civic activities. We commit to learning, open dialogue and reflection in an environment where all individuals have voice and full participation.

We, as members of GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington, recognize our role in investing in underserved communities. Therefore, we commit to fostering the conditions necessary for individuals and communities to prosper, reach their full potential and achieve well-being.

We, as members of GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington, commit to transparency and to fulfilling our work based on principles that reflect our obligations to maintain the public trust. Accordingly, we conduct our affairs in the following manner:

Ethics and Law Principles

  • We are aware of and fulfill our fiduciary and legal responsibilities.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior.
  • We honor the intent of our donors, founders and founding mandates.

Good Governance Principles

  • We are thoughtful and purposeful in our grantmaking and periodically review and evaluate our mission, priorities, policies and practices.
  • We are accessible and respond clearly, promptly and as fairly as possible to all requests for information and meetings.
  • We define the expected steps in our grantmaking process and communicate these to applicants and grantees.
  • We publish or otherwise make readily available basic information about our programs, funding priorities and application requirements.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Principles

  • We value the diversity of the communities we serve and strive to reflect and engage this diversity in our roles as funders, employers, economic entities and civic participants.
  • We seek to learn about the systemic barriers to individual success. We work to ensure that everyone has equitable access to the resources needed to thrive.
  • We embrace inclusion by creating an environment that welcomes varying ideas, backgrounds and perspectives.

Respectful Relationships Principles

  • We deal respectfully with applicants, grantees and donors, as well as those simply seeking information about our programs.
  • We respect the confidentiality of applicants, grantees and donors and use discretion in communicating with others about specific organizations or individuals.