Grant Program Evaluation

The MHCRC commissioned Hi-Beam Consulting to evaluate the effectiveness of its grant program and to provide information that will guide the MHCRC in charting the program’s future course. The evaluation, which was conducted from May through September of 2003, included twenty-five projects funded from 1999-2003.

The projects included in the study represent an investment of more than $2 million in MHCRC grant program funding, including nineteen completed projects in regular competitive grant rounds, five completed projects in the I-Net Connectivity Initiative supporting connectivity at multiple institutional sites, and one active project supported by special initiative funding. When matching funds are combined with grant funds, expenditures for these technology-related projects exceed $4.8 million.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • 76% of all grant awards resulted in educational benefits for students, teachers, parents and schools.
  • 32% of all grant awards benefited governmental agencies, which in turn also provided more efficient and cost effective services for the general public.
  • 16% of all grant awards served ethnically diverse communities or citizens with special needs. Nearly half the grantees reported their grant awards served as a catalyst for formation of new partnerships and the ability to attract new funding.

♦ Read the Evaluation Summary Report (.pdf)