Considering the rapid development of community media technology and the exciting possibilities for public purpose-based applications of that technology, the MHCRC accepts special grant funding requests that adhere to the existing program goals and objectives outside of the MHCRC’s annual competitive granting process (“off-cycle”).

Eligibility Requirements

Proposed special grant requests must fulfill the following requirements to be considered:

  • The proposed grant request meets the existing Community Technology Grant funding eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria.
  • The proposed grant request and related availability of other funding is extremely time-sensitive and therefore cannot be considered within another MHCRC competitive grant process.
  • An organization can only receive one grant from the MHCRC per year (this includes both the Community Technology Grants Program and the off-cycle grantmaking program.

Application and Selection Process

Applicants must submit a Letter of Interest (LOI), maximum length of two pages (budget table is not included in page limit), including:

  • An identification of which of the four public benefit areas the project falls under: Reducing Disparities, Improving Community Involvement, Cost Reduction and Improving Service Delivery
  • A description of the overall project, including how technology will be used and describing the video content that will be created and shared with the Community Media Centers
  • Why your project is time sensitive and cannot wait until the next Community Technology grant cycle (i.e. the immediate need)
  • A budget which includes estimates of line-item categories (Personnel, Education & Training, Travel, Contractual, Equipment, Infrastructure/Facilities Construction, Overhead) and total expenditures for both grant-funds and matching resources.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact MHCRC staff for an initial inquiry through

Download complete information about our review process and instructions on how to prepare a budget: MHCRC Off-Cycle Grantmaking Process + Criteria

The selection process is dependent upon the complexity and urgency of the request. Only projects that meet the above mentioned eligibility requirements will be considered for funding.

Funding Availability

Although the MHCRC has not limited the amount that applicants can request from grant funds, applicants are advised that limited funds are available.

Contract and Reporting

The MHCRC will use standard contract language and report requirements for grant recipient contracts. A sample contract, with reporting language, is available from program staff upon request.


For more information about the Special Funding Request Criteria and Guidelines, please contact Rana DeBey, MHCRC Community Grants Manager, at 503.823.1031, email:

The MHCRC takes pride in its ability to be flexible and proactive in its response to urgent community media communications needs. Thank you for your time and interest.