Objectionable Programming

As part of its regulatory and oversight responsibilities, the MHCRC assists citizens in the resolution of complaints which have not been settled through contact with appropriate representatives of the cable operator and access providers over which the MHCRC has jurisdiction.

The MHCRC contracts directly with Open Signal (formerly PCM) and MetroEast to provide public access services, including programming public access channels. Under the contracts, Open Signal and MetroEast keep public access channels free of censorship subject to FCC regulation or other relevant laws.

The MHCRC does not have regulatory authority over the content of public access programs produced by citisens unless the program has been found illegal by a court of law. If you believe certain programming violates public law, please contact the District Attorney’s office (503.229.5576) to file a formal complaint.

At your request, Comcast is obligated to provide you with a device to block the reception of channels into your home that you find offensive.

Oregon Constitutional Protection of Free Speech – Obscenity

The Oregon Supreme Court has determined that obscenity is a form of protected speech under the Oregon Constitution.