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  • Multnomah County Library – Rockwood Library
  • Portland YouthBuilders
  • Albertina Kerr Centers
  • NW Documentary
  • Friends of the Children
  • Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
  • Film Action Oregon/Hollywood Theatre

♦ 2014 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Corbett School District
  • Flying Focus Video Collective
  • Dill Pickle Club
  • Metro
  • Roosevelt High School
  • City of Gresham
  • Gresham-Barlow School District
  • Portland Public School District
  • Franklin High School
  • Madison High School
  • Centennial School District

♦ 2013 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Center for Advance Learning
  • Grant High School
  • MetroEast Community Media
  • Wisdom of the Elders
  • Chapman School
  • Film Action Oregon/Hollywood Theatre
  • Centennial School District
  • David Douglas School District

♦ 2012 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • ACE Academy: Engineering & Architecture Lab
  • Benson Polytechnic High School: Meeting Student Disparities Through Technology
  • Caldera: 2011 Careers in Creative Technology
  • Chapman School: iPad Reading Fluency Lab
  • MESD: Multnomah County Schools Router Replacement for Elementary Schools
  • MESD: Multnomah County Schools Router Replacement for Windows 7
  • MetroEast Community Media: East Metro MultiMedia Map
  • NW Documentary: NWDoc Youth Programs: Equipment Upgrade
  • Outside In: Homeless Youth Film
  • Roosevelt High School: Technology Immersion Pilot
  • PPS Television Services: CH28 Master Control Upgrade
  • Portland YouthBuilders: Community Service in Media
  • Reynolds High School: Reynolds Media Production
  • The Skanner Foundation: NPMTC Film Festival
  • Special Grant: Portland Community Media: City Hall Equipment Upgrade
  • Special Grant: MetroEast Community Media: Government Site High Definition Upgrade

♦ 2011 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • MetroEast Community Media: Better Access to Government
  • Portland Public Schools: What’s Voice Got to Do With It? – 2010
  • Gresham-Barlow School District: Asterisk Telephony Platform
  • Parkrose School District: Asterisk Telephony Implementation
  • Riverdale School District: Telephony Enhancement
  • Multnomah County Library: Computers for Libraries
  • City of Portland: Restraining Orders at the Gateway Center
  • I-Net Edge Devices

♦ 2010 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Center for Intercultural Organizing: Global Portland Voices
  • Portland Community Media: SmartAccess
  • Portland Public Schools: What’s “VOICE” Got To Do With It? -2009
  • Ethos Music Center: Sound Schools Video
  • Wisdom of the Elders: Discovering Our Story
  • Portland YouthBuilders: Multimedia Program
  • Hosford Middle School: Language Lab
  • Sellwood Middle School: Digital Story Telling
  • Caldera: Careers in Creative Technology
  • Portland Public Schools- Television Services: Digital Video Switcher

♦ 2009 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • ACE Academy: Engineering Lab and Student Wi-Fi Access
  • Oregon Historical Society: OHS Research Services Educational Outreach Project
  • Portland Public Schools: What’s “VOICE” Got To Do With It?
  • Harriet Tubman Leadership Academy: Young Women’s Media Project
  • Jefferson High School: Jefferson Studio/Mobile Production Unit and Schoolwide Distribution System
  • BizTech High School: BizTech New Technology Initiative
  • Portland Public Schools – ESL/Bilingual Dept.: eTraining For Teachers
  • Richmond Japanese Immersion School: Mobile Laptop Lab and Technology Embedded Pedagogy
  • Flying Focus Video Collective: Digital Archiving Project
  • Multnomah County Animal Services Animal Magnetism: Pet TV for Humans
  • Portland Public Schools – Television Services: Cool Lights Studio Package

♦ View 2008 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Portland Community Media: Access 2.0
  • Albertina Kerr Centers: Learning Management System
  • Portland Public School: Winterhaven Mobile Technology Labs
  • Film Action Oregon: Project Youth Doc
  • Parkrose High School: 21st Century Skills for Students
  • Gresham-Barlow School District: Integrating Digital Stories into the Curriculum: Kids with Camcorders
  • Metro: Technological Improvement for Community Involvement
  • Sowelu Theater Ensemble: Video Education

♦ View 2007 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Portland Public Schools: Web-Based Library Automation System ($346,666)
  • The Skanner Foundation: North Portland Multi-Media Training Center ($140,451)
  • Caldera: Careers in Creative Technology ($117,810)
  • MetroEast Community Media: RoboCam Studio ($103,520)
  • Lewis Elementary School: Telling Our Stories and Sharing Our Work ($46,680)
  • Portland YouthBuilders: Multi-Media Program ($26,356)
  • Portland Public Schools Television Services: Character Generator Upgrade ($14,000)

♦ View 2006 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Portland Art Museum, Northwest Film Center: Service Learning Center”Housing Authority of Portland: I-Net Connected Computer Lab and Career Center at the New Columbia Life Long Learning Center
  • Portland Public Schools, Television Services: Studio Cameras
  • Technical Assistance for Community Services: Domestic Violence Integration
  • International Foundation for Alternative Research in AIDS: Bringing Healthcare Programming to the Community
  • KBOO Community Radio: Multimedia Youth Activism

♦ View 2005 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Portland Community College: The Portland Region Higher Education Network
  • Reynolds High School: News Production
  • Oregon Historical Society: Multnomah County Portraits: Youth Documenting Their Community
  • Gresham Fire & Emergency Services: Gresham Emergency Management Video Awareness
  • Portland Community Media: Oregon Learning Lab for Information Education
  • Ethos, Inc., Nonprofit Music Center: Sound School Assemblies
  • Portland Public Schools, District No. 1: Public Telecommunications & Facilities Program (PTFP)/Hola Middle School Completion Project

♦ View 2004 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Oregon Public Broadcasting: Digital Media Distribution Project
  • Portland Public Schools Television Services: Media Graphics Generator
  • Oregon Film & Video Foundation/Hollywood Theatre Project: Live from the Hollywood Theatre: Original Programming for Community Access via the I-Net
  • Special Grant Request: Portland Public Schools: PTFP Project

♦ View 2003 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Reynolds High School: Field Cameras and Equipment
  • Portland Public Schools: Hola Hola Middle School Pilot Project
  • Portland Public Schools: Cable Channel 28 Video Editor Project
  • Portland Art Museum NW Film Center: Animation Academy
  • Special Grant Initiative: Innovation Partnership: eVolvement Pilot Project

♦ View 2002 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
  • Portland State University: Improving Distance Delivery Through Collaboration
  • Multnomah County Health Department: School-Based Health Centers I-Net Connectivity Project
  • Metro Regional Services: Metro Chamber Video Production Project
  • Bureau of Housing and Community Development: Portland Area Housing Clearinghouse
  • Benson High School: Contextual Learning-Linking Benson Students to the Community
  • Portland Art Museum Northwest Film Center: Media Arts Academy for Teens
  • Parkrose School District: Digital Camcorders for Parkrose Community Television

♦ View 2001 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Bureau of General Services, City of Portland: Regional Institutional Network Connection Project
  • Portland Public Schools: Moshi Moshi/Hola Hola Distance Learning Project
  • Portland Community College: Digital Video Production for Distance Learning
  • Multnomah Community Television: East Metro Auto Cameras
  • Parkrose High School: Non-Linear Edit Technology for Parkrose Community Television
  • Portland Public Schools: Television Services Master Control Room Project
  • Portland Cable Access: Mobile Public Address System
  • City of Portland: Full Access for Hearing Impaired Citizens

♦ View 2000 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)


  • Hood Community College: Distance Learning Innovations: Instructional Video Network for East Multnomah County
  • Portland Community College: Connecting People to Education and Technology
  • Northwest Film Center: Nuestro Vision, Nuestro Futuro: The Oregon Latino Video Project
  • Benson High School: Contextual Learning: Linking Benson High School Students to the Community
  • Portland Cable Access: Facility Addition to Include a Digital Editing/Voice-over Suite
  • Jefferson High School: Edit System Project
  • Portland Public Schools: Television Services Satellite Dishes Upgrade

♦ View 1999 Grant Project Summary (.pdf)