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I-Net Interconnects

The Interconnect of the Institutional Network (I-Net) and Integrated Regional Network Enterprise (IRNE)

The MHCRC is responsible for developing and continuing to facilitate the partnership between the I-Net, which is operated by Comcast, and the City of Portland’s Communications Networking division’s (“ComNet”) IRNE, a governmental wide-area telecommunications network that provides high-speed telecommunications capability between and among government agencies, and speed the delivery of services to citizens. This network partnership currently provides the highest level of service (capacity increased 10 fold) at the least cost (savings of up to 33%) to nearly 300 schools and public agencies throughout Multnomah County for critical communications services.

The interconnect was envisioned as a way to provide high bandwidth, fiber-based infrastructure throughout Multnomah County at relatively low cost. The interconnect of the two networks enables I-Net Stakeholders to connect to the City of Portland’s IRNE, and to receive data services from ComNet, through a technical interface between the two networks. The interconnection of the networks, and the provision of low cost communications services to I-Net Stakeholders, relies on a strong, cooperative partnership among the cable company, the I-Net stakeholders, the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission and the City of Portland’s ComNet.

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The Interconnect of the Institutional Network (I-Net) and Public Communications Network (PCN)

Under the West Portland Franchise Agreement, the cable company is required to interconnect the I-Net, and continue in effect a routing system satisfactory to the MHCRC, for carriage of signals to and from the I-Net and other institutional networks contiguous with the Franchise area. In addition, the cable company is to provide at its Headend a secure facility to house the Interconnection of the institutional networks.

The East Portland and Multnomah County Franchise Agreements allow the capital costs of such interconnection to be credited from the I-Net Capital Fund (the one percent (1%) of Gross Revenues to be expended by the cable company to fund I-Net Capital requirements and extensions, subject to ongoing oversight and approval by the MHCRC). MHCRC Resolution 2004-02 with Exhibits (.pdf)

Comcast operates an institutional network in Washington County, Oregon, referred to as the Public Communications Network (PCN), which is contiguous to the I-Net on Portland’s westside.

Comcast, MHCRC staff and Metropolitan Area Communications Commission (“MACC”, the regulatory authority for Washington County’s PCN) began discussions specific to interconnecting the I-Net and PCN in July 2002 and eventually the parties agreed on a design to implement the Interconnect.

MACC intends to enter into an agreement with Comcast to implement the Interconnect for PCN users. MHCRC staff and Comcast came to agreement on the technical design and routing system for the Interconnect and terms to authorize the expenditure of I-Net Capital funds for Interconnection of the I-Net with the PCN. This expenditure of I-Net Capital funds will provide for I-Net Interconnection to the PCN to serve the Franchise areas from westside and eastside I-Net Hubs. The terms and conditions are contained in MHCRC Resolution 2004-02 Exhibit A: Letter of Agreement (.pdf)

The immediate need for the Interconnect was mostly driven by interest of two PCN users to reach certain sites located in Multnomah County. An MHCRC I-Net stakeholder also expressed an interest in being able to link its sites in Multnomah and Washington counties at an unknown time in the future.

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