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I-Net Needs Assessment

MHCRC staff facilitates regular meetings with I-Net stakeholders to assess network needs.

2011: In October 2011, the MHCRC approved up to $2.6 million from the I-Net Capital Fund, retained by Comcast, to support Incremental, direct capital costs related to upgrade the Institutional Network, subject to ongoing oversight and approval by MHCRC staff of actual upgrade expenditures to ensure they comply with the Franchise Agreements. The upgrade was needed because the I-Net core network and the interconnects to the City of Portland’s IRNE system were becoming outdated. Specifically, the I-Net hub switches were nearly 10 years old and, therefore, beyond end-of-life according to industry standards. In addition, I-Net Stakeholders identified that bandwidth capacity needs were growing exponentially while public budgets were shrinking. As a result, increased bandwidth availability was a high priority of schools, libraries and public agencies, and the economy was pressuring these public agencies to provide increased service at the same or lower costs. The upgrade was completed under budget ($1.4 million) in 2013 and resulted in the I-Net core backbone upgrade to a 10 Gigabit ring.

2006: The MHCRC conducted a survey of both current and potential I-Net users in order to assess our I-Net stakeholders communications technology needs and future network plans. The MHCRC used this information to conduct network planning discussions with I-Net stakeholders, ComNet and Comcast. In addition, the MHCRC manages the I-Net Fund which supports I-Net infrastructure and other capital costs. The assessment data and subsequent network planning was used to budget expenditures from the Fund.

Final Assessment Report (2006) (.pdf)

The assessment found, among other items, that most “network outages” at I-Net stakeholder sites were resulting from short-duration power failures at the site which affected the stakeholder’s network device and other equipment. As a result the MHCRC approved up to $300,000 from the I-Net Capital Fund to support capital costs related to provisioning and installing Uninterruptible Power Systems (“UPS”) devices at current I-Net user sites.