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City Club Friday Forum: Digital Inclusion

The City Club of Portland held a Friday Forum on Digital Inclusion and Tech Diversity in Portland. The panel included Patricia A. (Pat) McDonald, Intel Vice president of Human Resources; Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies and force behind TechTown; Dwayne Johnson, Social Alchemist from Innovate Oregon; Vailey Oehlke: Multnomah County Library District Director; and Malia Spencer (moderator), a Reporter covering tech, startups and funding for the Portland Business Journal.

From the description: ” How $300 million plus two coalitions are positioning Portland to disrupt the face of tech and who has access to it. With Portland’s tech workforce at 67% male and 84% white, three significant movements are underway to disrupt who makes up our city’s tech industry.”

This work aligns  with MHCRC’s study and Initiative Your!Voice Communications Technology. MHCRC along with Comcast and CenturyLink  were sponsors of the forum. Commissioner Carol Studenmund and staff attended.


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