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Portland Adopts DEAP

DEEP City Council Adoption _optThe MHCRC Chair, Carol Studenmund, along with many others, urged the Portland City Council to adopt the Digital Equity Action Plan (DEAP) during Council consideration of the plan on April 6. The Portland Council unanimously adopted the plan, which establishes a series of strategic actions for public, private and nonprofit partners in Portland/Multnomah County to undertake to address digital equity. The Council also directed the City of Portland’s Office for Community Technology to implement the plan with community partners. View a pdf of the plan.

UPDATE: Since the adoption of the Digital Equity Action Plan in April 2016, the DEAP has garnered national attention. The 2016 National Digital Inclusion Summit praised the DEAP for its inclusive plan development process. In addition, the DEAP won the National Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) 2016 Community Broadband Strategic Plan of the year award, and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) recognized the DEAP as a Digital Inclusion Trailblazer.

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