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MHCRC TechSmart Initiative to Invest $19 Million to Improve Student Learning

SEPTEMBER 2014: The Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission (MHCRC) announces the launch of the TechSmart Initiative for Student Success with plans to strategically invest about $19 million over the next 10 years in local public schools to positively impact academic outcomes for all students in Multnomah County. The MHCRC TechSmart Initiative has partnered with Portland State University to provide grants and evaluation resources for Multnomah County School Districts to identify effective classroom instruction that uses technology to foster improvement in academic outcomes for all students and to share the successful strategies across Districts. The MHCRC has aligned the TechSmart Initiative…

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EARL BOYLES EARLY LEARNING TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION PROJECT David Douglas School District GRANT: $939,923 TOTAL PROJECT: $2,627,001 Focused on Kindergarten Readiness and Third Grade Reading student success indicators, the TechSmart grant provides critical teacher supports towards creating a technology-rich early learning program at Earl Boyles Elementary School. The project will serve as a learning lab for identifying effective PreK-3rd grade learning and teaching strategies that take full advantage of the interactivity and media-rich opportunities available with online curriculum and 1-to-1 student device ratios. MHCRC TechSmart Initiative Funds Technology-Rich Learning at Earl Boyles School and Learning Center August 14, 2014: The Mt.…

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Google Fiber Press Conference

February 2014: In this press conference Portland Mayor Hales announces that Google is interested in exploring the possibility of expanding its Gigabit service in the Portland metro area. Mayors from Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro and Lake Oswego all participated in the press conference. Portland Community College, Oregon Health Services University, Technology Association of Oregon and Puppet Labs participated as well.

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Right of Way Videos

October 2013 - The cities of Eugene and Portland partnered with the League to produce two videos about municipal authority to manage and receive compensation for the management of local rights-of-way. An update to a 1999 production, these videos are intended to educate audiences (legislative bodies, local business groups, students and citizens) about the relationships between utilities seeking access to local rights-of-ways and municipalities which must manage them as a public resource.

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David Olson

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Animation about determined public servant who does things his way. DAVID honors accomplishments and eccentricities of Oregon municipal Internet pioneer David Olson. Inspired by wry animation classics such as BAMBI VS GODZILLA, the video premiered on David Olson Day in the City Of Portland -- the day Olson announced his retirement. DAVID was written and produced by Mary Beth Henry, animated by Noah Dorsey, directed by Sheldon Renan, and edited by Joseph Landeene, with sound by Tony Evans and Keith Thomas. Jason Tait executive produced for Portland Community Media.

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